BAP Korealainen vegaani pikkelssi


Korean style pickled vegetables.

It has saltness, sweetness and sourness in one jar. Cucumber, Onion and Chili are pickled in Korean soy sauce, brown sugar and vinegar and their character changes as they age.

It does harmonize with any foods . The Korean pickle is to bring new, fresh flavor and crisp texture of food onto the table.

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BAP Offers Kimchi and Pickle all inclusive to vegans, people who are allergic to fish and coeliac alike. Nobody should be deprived of the superb taste and fantastic health benefits of kimchi!

BAP VEGAANI KIMCHI tastes just as good, in fact better, than your so called “traditional” kimchi.

BAP Vegan Kimchi comes in two varieties;

Red kimchi which has a more spicier taste and White kimchi which has a more subtle taste.

BAP Korean style pickle is made out of Korean soy sauce, vinegar, cucumber, onion, chili.

All BAP Products (Red/White Vegan Kimchi and Korean Style Korean Vegan Pickle) are handmade at the professional Kitchen located in Helsinki.

Featured Ingredients




Korean Soy sauce

Brown Sugar



Welcome to BAP where you can taste Handmade Authentic Korean Vegan Kimchi


What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a Korean side dish most commonly made out of napa cabbage and it is traditionally seasoned with chili powder, radish, scallions, garlic, ginger, fish sauce and other seasonings.

Koreans love kimchi so much that every household has a special kimchi fridge just to keep the kimchi at the right temperature.

“So what is so magical about kimchi that Koreans want to eat it with their every meal?”.

Apart from stating the obvious: “It tastes amazing!”,
this side dish with a long history has also several health benefits.

Kimchi’s high fiber content prevents constipation, it’s rich in antioxidants which helps to slower ageing and it’s known to lower cholesterol.

Are you starting to see why Koreans love kimchi so much?

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