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BAP Helsinki

Sound check. Check one-two-oonnnnnne-t-t-two. This is BAP Helsinki speaking.

Tervetuloa! Welcome to BAP Helsinki, the tasty festival of Korean vegan/vegetarian food. We are a pop-up restaurant taking place at OmNam (Annankatu 29B) for eight Sundays. From August 19th to October 7th in 2018, eight different themes and dishes will be served for lunch and dinner every Sunday.

We are …

The ‘BAP’ team who published the first Korean cookbook written in Finnish named “Bap Korealainen keittokirja” in 2016.
We have done the Korean food event – “Alone & Together” in 2016 and Korean pop-up cafe – “A Lot Cafe” in 2017.
This year: We are back with “BAP Helsinki!!!”
Sangwon Ryu
I’m Sangwon. A Korean food lover, Finland enthusiast and my life motto is : “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.”
I would describe myself as Doenjang jjigae (된장찌개) [döen-dzang-tzi-gee]
Because it has deep and rich flavour.
June Seo
I’m June. I’m like plain cooked rice, which is Bap (밥) in Korean. I would like to live simple and humble like a bowl of white rice.
Su Park
I’m Su, a designer in the food domain, focusing on doubtful, odd, fascinating stories about food and being a storyteller to make us think. Also I’m Ä in AÄÅ, Food design studio in Helsinki.
I am Beakban (백반), a typical everyday meal in Korea. It doesn’t consist of any fancy main dish but various seasonal side dishes with a bowl of rice and soup. I don’t chase a superstar but never want to be bored either.
Sana Park
I’m Sana, a graphic designer in my 6th year of living in Helsinki. Hope you enjoy the visual side of our pop-up experience along with the great food.

I’m Nurungji (누룽지), the burnt, bottom layer of rice after cooked. It comes last, also from the very bottom. The more time you take, the more amount, the deeper taste you can get.

BAP Helsinki is to promote not only Korean food but also Korean Vegan Kimchi made in Finland “BAP 밥 VEGAANI KIMCHI”.

We are on Facebook and Instagram. Search for “BAP Helsinki”.


Year: 2018, August-October

Category: BAP 밥 POP UP 

“BAP Helsinki”